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Doll Makeover Packages

the original doll

"I never had stuff done" 

The original doll package includes a feminizing touch of filler and/or botox to the face. This package is designed for patients in their early 20s who are looking to wear less makeup and appear more contoured without their friends (and sometimes even family) "noticing" they had anything done. You'll walk out with such extremley minimal redness/swelling that you won't need any makeup to cover it. 

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the instagram doll

"I never use filters" 

The instagram doll package includes a combination of fillers, botox, lasers, and skincare products for the perfect filter-free look. This package is designed for patients who want a more feminine look that looks great in photos and in person.

We use feminizing beauty metrics and our patented technique leaves you with minimal swelling so you can go out looking completely normal right after the procedures. 

the platinum doll

"I want it to last forever" 

The platinum doll is designed for the patient who wants instant change without needing yearly "touch ups". This package uses a combination of botox, fillers, kybella, prp, lasers, and skin treatment to drive permanent results for your procedures. In this technique botox, fillers, and kybella are uses for instant change that leave you ready to party right after.

The PRP facial (microneedling combined with our own patented 6-8x concentrated plasma) along with lasers and skincare give you the collagen stimulation to make the effects of the fillers and botox last. Research has proven that this combination is not only efficient, but cost-effective. By the time the fillers/botox effects die down, the PRP and lasers will have stimulated collagen from the inside to make it look like the fillers and botox are still there. This way you wont need botox and fillers every 1-2 years! This package is our most popular so far and yes, interest-free 6 month financing is available.



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the head-over-heels doll

"i want the body and face" 

The head over heels doll is the total body and face nonsurgical method using the most popular procedures in the cosmetic industry to transform you. Don't worry, we won't leave you pillow-faced like some celebrities you've seen. This ultimate body package is exactly what you need to reboost your life. The package uses a combination of botox, fillers, kybella, prp, coolsculpting, diet & training coaching, HCG therapy, lasers, and total body skin treatment to revamp your life.

 This is our top package for moms and patients who want to slim down while enhancing their facial features. Our special hi-def coolsculpting technique is the first of it's kind to actually target the increased appearance of tone over just reducing fat. Combining these procedures together will make you your best self. And yes, we can take patients from size 2 or higher for this package (coolsculpting can be used on the back of the thighs to lift the butt for leaner patients).

the babyface doll

"i want to look young again" 

    The babyface doll is the ideal therapy for patients over 30. This package uses the highest efficacy lasers and treatments known to mimic the facelift without surgery or scars (we are serious). If you get this in your early 30s; you can prevent yourself from needing a facelift later on! For those in their late 30s to early 70s; this procedure is your safest and most effective route to a younger you.

    The perfect "divorcee" gift or mother's day gift to really show that you care. We've crafted this program to make you look and feel 20 in your "over the peak" years. With this combination, you wont find yourself feeling over-filled like Kris Jenner or botched like many older celebrities. We give you the beauty you were already born with back by referencing your youth photos and sculpting from the inside out.

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the lux doll

"only in your dreams, honey" 

The lux doll is the ideal therapy for patients who want to be the dream girl we all spot on our instagram feed. You don't HAVE to be a social media queen for this package, but after we are done a single photo might just get you there.

Be the dream girl for your honey, husband, ex-husband, and future boyfriend in just a week of treatment with us. Trust us, we don't have to say a lot about this package for you to get the hint. From buttlift to making your abs pop out It's the ultimate nonsurgical transformation of any girl's dreams.

Be ready to say "only in your dreams, honey" after transforming from this package.


Get the look you want. Without the confusion.

We perform a combination of the most effective non-surgical treatments based on your budget & desired look.

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      Aesthetic Lab is the first clinic to offer exclusive package makeovers. With over 12,000 procedures performed since 1997, we know exactly where and what to inject to give you the transformation you have in mind. We take beauty seriously by ensuring that only plastic surgery & cosmetic physicians perform and consult with you at the clinic.


Every cosmetic doctor in our team has performed thousands of procedures allowing them to determine the changes you may need.

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